Policy Briefs

THF Policy Brief No. 6: Improving Teacher Education in Indonesia

Reflections from The HEAD Foundation Professional Learning Programme (May 2018)

JULY, 2018

THF Policy Brief No. 5: Institutional Policies and Initiatives for the Internationalisation of Higher Education in Southeast Asia

Recommendations from a case study of five Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand

JULY, 2018

THF Policy Brief No. 4: Improving Educational Quality and Outcomes for National Development in the 21 st Century

Reflections from the ADB-THF Professional Learning Programme (2016 and 2017)


THF Policy Brief No. 3: University Autonomy and Corporatisation in Southeast Asia

Key considerations for policy makers and leaders

AUGUST , 2017

THF Policy Brief No. 2: ICT in ASEAN Education

Challenges and new opportunities

JANUARY , 2017

THF Policy Brief No. 1: Massification, Globalisation and the Global Knowledge Economy

Policy challenges and opportunities for universities in Southeast Asia

OCTOBER , 2016